Learn About Our Carpet Cleaning System

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Don't rent a carpet cleaning machine from the store - hire professional carpet cleaners with industry-leading equipment. WMD Carpet Cleaning uses an effective carpet and upholstery cleaning process. We utilize a powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning system that can remove up to 98% percent of dirt, germs and allergens with just one cleaning.

Are you a renter? Rental companies usually prefer carpet cleaning companies with a truck-mounted carpet cleaning system. Call 970-433-8558 now to schedule carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Grand Junction, CO.

Check out our carpet cleaning process

With nearly a decade of experience, you can rest assured that our carpet cleaners know what they're doing. Here is our five-step process:

Step 1 - We'll inspect your carpet fibers.
Step 2 - We'll create a presoak based on soil levels.
Step 3 - We'll use a spray to break down stains and spots.
Step 4 - We'll agitate the carpet fibers to loosen dirt and debris.
Step 5 - We'll use high heat and high suction to get your carpets as clean as possible.

Most carpets will dry in about four hours. Contact us today to make an appointment.